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Finca Las Nubes was immortalized by the famous photographer Eadweard Muybridge in 1875.
The plantation was founded by William Nelson, one of the constructors of the Transoceanic Railroad. Known for its persistence and vision, Finca “Las Nubes” has been led for decades by families that established a coffee tradition in Guatemala.

One of the finest coffees of the World, strictly from origin. Las Nubes is cultivated on shadow and volcanic soil; selected by hand and carefully processed from grounds to the cup. Famous for its rich aroma and unique flowery taste.

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Rich Aroma, unique flowery taste,
cultivated on shadow and volcanic soil.


  • Rich Aroma
  • Unique Flowery Taste
  • Cultivated on Shadow
  • Cultivated on Volcanic Soil
  • Family Coffee Tradition


Guatemala Real Café is a Guatemalan Company formed by Guatemalan coffee growers with great experience in the coffee business, its romance and its ancient culture. We are part of a group of companies dedicated to the coffee business farms, coffee brokerage, local marketer and coffee exporter that supply demanding markets as the European, Asian and North American working with the most prestigious Restaurant chains, Hotels and Companies.



Altitude: 4.500 -5.600 feet A.S.L.

Average Rainfall: 5890 mm

Average Temperature: 23 C (73 F)

Bag Weight: 14.10 oz


Use 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. If you like a stronger taste, add 1 more spoon of coffee.

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Coffee Type

Green Bean, Ground Coffee


American, Espresso


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Las Nubes Coffee

Las Nubes Coffee